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Rigorous analysis. Better decisions.
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Rigorous analysis. Better decisions.

Janus Enterprise International, LLC develops innovative approaches for our clients to address strategic market problems with a suitable mix of analysis and judgment.

Making decisions that achieve the desired organizational goals requires learning and practice. Learning comes from analysis of data and reflection on experience. In stable environments, practice, with learning, leads naturally to performance improvement. In unstable environments, practice is equally critical, with the need for accelerated learning to guide decisions in unfamiliar situations.

Our clients seek and value our services

  • when they recognize that cookie-cutter best practices are just not working,
  • when they experience sharp changes in performance that cannot be explained by their current view of customers and competitors,
  • when they anticipate structural market change that might present substantial business threats and opportunities.

Our special strengths are:

  • modeling markets and customers,
  • enhancing decision-making capabilities through Strategy Laboratories®.