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Peter Martin

Software Architect
Janus Enterprise International LLC
P.O. Box 635, New Providence, NJ 07974, USA
+1 (360) 588-6847

Peter Martin is Technology Architect and Developer for Janus's Strategy Laboratories® and has been responsible for programming activities at JEI since 1998. He has 23 years of experience as an independent consultant in software design and development.

Peter contributes substantially to the evolution of Strategy Laboratories® and its application for clients. Strategy Laboratories® is a virtual market environment in which management teams practice analysis and decision-making for tough strategic problems, enhancing their leadership capabilities for addressing these problems in real market settings. Peter has been integrally involved in the design and implementation of the comprehensive user interface to the decision support system, and the innovative architecture that enables rapid customization for different sectors and client projects.

Peter has served in engineering and executive positions at Arthur D. Little and at software and technology new ventures. Also, previously he has developed Windows applications for a wide variety of business applications, including automated page layout systems for publishers, technical trading systems for institutional money managers, and software for employers to test and evaluate job applicants.

In addition to his consulting projects, Peter runs www.tangotools.com, merging his creativity in software with his accomplishment in photography.

Peter holds B.Sc. (Northern Polytechnic, London) and M.Sc. (Durham University) degrees in Physics and Electronics, and is named inventor on more than 20 patents. He is a published author in the fields of electronic devices, software and investment strategy.