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How the Strategy Lab Works

Strategy Laboratories® (SL) is highly experiential and an effective vehicle for rapid development of team skills and organizational capabilities in the context of the specific critical problem. As a result, management teams emerge from SL informed, inspired, and confident.

Management teams work in SL as a realistic environment in which they can define and resolve a critical problem. Guided by SL coaches, the teams learn how to adapt business and technology decisions to scenarios that capture the essence of the problem and the uncertainty of the future. In an intensive and immersive activity, varying scenarios, technology cycles, and market evolution are compressed to deliver learning that transcends any other approach to preparing for change.

Participants are able to focus on substantive issues through an efficient Decision Support System which provides results and planning templates.

Janus LLC Strategy Lab Screen

Results include internal financial and operations reports, industry studies, and market research.

Janus LLC Strategy Labs reports, industry studies, market research

Plans are strategic and operational, involving all aspects of the business.

Janus LLC Strategy Labs reports, industry studies, market research