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Why the Strategy Lab Works

Effective problem-solving by the people who know the most about the problem, its not conventional training, its not consulting, it delivers high value to businesses just-in-time.

It works because client teams can collaborate in a risk-free setting to...

  • Practice decision-making
    • in a virtual software-based environment that emulates different market scenarios
    • with a prototypical decision support system
    • coordinating the flow and use of information
    • to serve customers optimally across functions / divisions
  • Accumulate relevant knowledge
    • make sense of the market environment
    • diagnose gaps in achieving sales, profits, growth
    • link actions to outcomes
  • Build the organization's execution ability
    • embrace productive conflict and build trust
    • recognize misalignments and create commitment
    • establish individual and collective accountability
    • focus on performance and reward results

Bottom line: the market dynamics experienced by participants leads to insights about what may work, what may not, and how to adapt strategy.