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Perspective & Context & Accountability.

Effective solutions to strategic business problems critically require:

  • A sufficiently comprehensive perspective
  • A close connection with the industry and market context
  • An engagement with the key people who implement the solution

Initiatives are likely to fail when one or more of these requirements are not met. Consulting engagements that do not recognize the importance of these elements and apply cookie cutter approaches under the guise of 'best practice' cannot deliver true value to clients. In our projects, we systematically address each of these issues.

For our focal sectors of telecoms and health care, we gain perspective and context by ongoing monitoring of the market environment with a disciplined framework. When we are called in for assistance in other industries, we draw in experts from our network and, equally, rely on the client's key people.


In 1993 we conjured up the GITI ('jee' - 'tea'), our short form for the convergence of communications and computing, Global Information and Telecommunications Industries. That was just the beginning, as convergence has broadened and transformed the telecoms landscape - wireline, wireless, broadband, triple plays, three screens, etc. We have studied the evolution of telecoms markets and technologies from Bell's invention to the fluid dynamics of today's amorphous landscape. Our services build on sound models of market/customer/user behavior and the interplay of technology revolution and market evolution. We don't quite know the future - but we do have keen analytical insights into the driving forces of technology and entrepreneurship, and the interactions of key players (equipment manufacturers, service providers, software giants, media intermediaries, and content owners).

Health Care

Shaped by national policies that have not quite figured it out, health care markets worldwide are simultaneously under attack from the wonderful promise of advancing technologies and the ominous trend of unsustainable economics. Our services are geared to assisting manufacturers, payors, and service providers with a strategic and analytical basis for assessing markets, anticipating and addressing competition, enhancing customer value, and improving economic performance. We are uniquely positioned to guide hospitals and physician groups in demand assessment, referral patterns, alignment of clinical and business functions, and organizational strategic initiatives for performance improvement.