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JEI serves its clients through a mix of consulting and management development activities, guiding market and technology strategy with innovative modeling of markets and customers. Our projects are driven by our clients' objectives and delivered with lean teams and a collaborative approach.

JEI projects are built on the following core services:

Strategic Planning and Execution
Business planning, and the evaluation, development and execution of business strategy.
  • Business planning
  • Performance analysis and improvement on key metrics
  • Value-based management
  • Product-market strategies to address growth opportunities and competition
  • Technology planning and strategy
  • Operations planning
  • Business process analysis for enhancing customer value

Market Analysis
In-depth and insightful analysis of markets, segments, customers, and users through proprietary frameworks and methods developed by JEI.
  • Market definition
  • Demand analysis and market sizing
  • Market response modeling
  • Customer/user analysis for product design/evolution
  • Customer acquisition and retention analysis
  • Pricing
  • Market-information-driven decision-making
Organization Integration
Integration, alignment, and coherence across functions, departments, and business units to optimize overall performance.
  • Across functions
  • Across departments
  • Across business divisions
  • Innovation management
  • Operations and marketing optimization for enhancing customer value
  • Technology and marketing alignment for product innovation
Decision-Making Laboratories
Enhancing the leadership capabilities of management teams by practicing analysis and decision-making for tough strategic problems in a virtual market setting.
  • Enhancing client teams problem solving abilities
  • Leadership development
  • Linking strategic decisions to shareholder value
  • Organizational transition
  • Post-M&A integration and pre-M&A planning

Decision-making laboratories are powered by JEI's Strategy Laboratories®, a virtual market environment in which management teams practice analysis and decision-making for tough strategic problems. Through a dramatically accelerated experience, these teams acquire insights and rapidly develop their capabilities for addressing these problems in the real market setting.